Piano Lessons 

  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced level players of all ages
  • Children aged 6 and up 
  • Classical training, with focus on excellent technique, note reading and interpretation
  • Jazz or Pop training for all levels
  • Jazz and Pop Piano for Classically Trained pianists
  • Piano skills for singers - singers can learn to accompany themselves on piano in a fun and easy to get started way
  • Piano skills for songwriters

   Brenda has performed as a leader and sideperson in the fields of jazz, classical, musical theater, rock, pop and church music, and has served on the faculties of Fordham University, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, City College and the New York Pops Education Program.

    Brenda works with pianists as young as 6 to help foster a love of music, while achieving mastery of music theory and the piano. More advanced pianists learn jazz materials, composition and songwriting, depending on their interests and ability level.