"Brenda is two fantastic teachers in one. As a voice teacher, she is introducing my older daughter to a wonderfully wide range of songs and teaching her to accompany herself on the piano. As a piano teacher, she is giving my younger daughter a solid foundation in theory and sight-reading with a rich and varied repertoire. Brenda does an amazing job at keeping the mood light and fun while rigorously teaching technique and musicality. We couldn’t be happier!” - Olivia K. 

“Brenda is incredible! She inspires confidence and a positive nature in myself and my voice. I have been singing and performing since I was 10 years old and it is always great to keep up a regular vocal practice. Training for your craft should never end and Brenda helps me keep it simple and focused. The fact that Brenda still keeps up her own vocal training is a huge advantage. She can relate to me(you) as I(you) study with her.  My range, tone, and confidence continue to increase because of my studies with Brenda. Beginner or Professional, Brenda can inspire!”

 – Timothy Alex, 11-time Broadway performer

"Brenda's method of teaching piano has helped to clear out the cobwebs and given me a practical base for improving my piano skills. It's practical, it's thorough, it's challenging, and it's fun."

-Barbara Lewin, professional vocalist

"I love my voice lessons with Brenda! I came back to voice lessons wanting a better balance in my vocal registers. Brenda has been a wonderful guide and teacher, helping me make the necessary changes. With my interest in vocal improvisation, it's been great to include jazz scales and forms as part of the lessons -- skills that I can take into my CircleSongs and solo work."

-Jan Hittle, professional vocalist 

"Well into my 50's, I decided I had to follow a long held dream to sing and find my voice. Problem was I sang terribly and didn't know a thing about music. I met Brenda and we started. She was so encouraging and took me step by step to learn. I then had an inspiration to learn to play the piano and accompany myself. Week by week, month by month I am learning through Brenda's patient, encouraging and brilliant teaching methods and incredible talent. Do follow your dreams  with Brenda; she will inspire and teach you very, very well."

-Kady Dalrymple, adult voice/piano student 

      "It's never easy learning a new instrument or working to take instrumental skills to the next level. Especially if you have specific goals that you are working towards. It can be frustrating when you aren't meeting them. My first meeting with Brenda she evaluated my piano skills and asked me what my goals were. I expressed my interest in being a singer/songwriter and it was clear to her what needed to be done to help me move forward.

      Within each hour long lesson she checks in on homework and builds from there while introducing new material and spending time as efficiently as possible. I've been studying with her for just over a year and a half and can truly see improvement and movement towards my goals. I'm never afraid to be myself, ask questions, or make the mistakes I need to make in order to take my skills to the next level. Brenda is skilled and knowledgeable in vocals, piano, recording, and arrangement and has helped me to fill in gaps and turn me into a much more confident performer across the board. There's still a lot of work ahead of me, but each lesson leaves me feeling happy with the work that was done and confident she's taking me in the right direction."

-Devlin Booth, piano/songwriting student 

     "Brenda is a wonderful teacher. She gave specific and clear advice and instructions that was incredibly helpful in preparing me for my recording session. The situational advice she gave leading up to the session also made it possible for me to relax and focus on the music rather than my technique, and I am very grateful."

-Elsa Nilsson, voice student, professional vocalist/flautist